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  • Marije Kuiper /
    Photographer / directing photographer

    Marije Kuiper completed her Design Bachelor at the Academy for Pop Culture in Leeuwarden, NL. Her graduation project Vinkega, a photography book of portraits about her native town, quickly sold out. Central to Marije's photographs are people and their personal stories set against their surroundings. Focusing on tell-tale details, she highlights the uniqueness of each subject. Her easygoing attitude is an asset when it comes to putting her subjects at ease.
    Marije works internationally on commissioned as well as personal projects with clients including Albert Heijn, De Friesland Zorgverzerkeraar and IKEA. Together with filmmaker Bas Berkhout she founded the beautiful Like Knows Like project, which took her all over the world making short, personal documentaries of creatives that are famous on internet.

    ‘365 Boodschappen’ Albert Heijn nomination ADCN Awards 2015 - Craft: Photography