Victor Vroegindeweij - HazazaH

Victor Vroegindeweij

This dapper guy is a curious observer who collects stories wherever he goes. His diverse array of documentaries and television productions cover subjects ranging from MMA fighters to superstar architects and from poets and faith-healers to giants and pornstars.
Not only is Victor an award winning director, he’s also a skilled interviewer and a fun bloke. But don’t let his happy-go-lucky charm fool you! In his work he focusses on the ‘human experience’ and he is interested in the strategies people create to deal with the ‘problem that we call life’. He believes that all human activity, whether it’s our work or family, our career or our obsessions for food, our love for art or the relentless pursuit of happiness, they are all strategies we develop to forget that life is senseless and that we are all mortal.