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Feature Films

Service production by hazazaH

As a full service production company based in Amsterdam, we offer a big and creative crew of photographers, directors and more. With 20+ years experience in making feature films, short films, documentaries, commercials, photo content and branded content, we are here to service your production! Besides an eye for creative talent, the technical possibilities are extensive and we know exactly where to find locations you need in our small yet versatile country. Let us service your production of film or imagery, and bring your original ideas to life without worries or unexpected surprises!

Video services

One of our main focuses as a service production company is video services. As we are specialized in making commercials, feature films, documentaries and short films, our video services are wide-ranged and thorough. We know how to either translate your vision into high-end film or convey your brand in a light that engages customers with (digital) video. 

Looking for the countryside, city life or a long stretch of sandy beach to shoot film in The Netherlands? Our professional video services consist of location scouting, as well as high-quality equipment and fresh and original ideas by talented people that make you and your production shine. From feature films to commercials, we make it a priority to provide the best-in-class video services!

Full service production company

To make matters more specific or real, here are some of the advantages our very well-organized country and – especially – our full service production approach has to offer:
– We have a dedicated team of directors and photographers who stand for creativity, originality, integrity and excellence. They are on standby – at your service – for your production as well;
– We have a big experienced set team of producers and managers ready to work; 
– We are a small country with lots of different ‘looks’ (city life, the countryside, beaches, islands, flower fields, forests, sun, rain, beautiful clouds – the “Dutch light” is legendary);
– Our infrastructure is immaculate. We are easy to reach by plane, train and car. The longest stretch from North to South is only about 210 miles / 340 kilometers;
– The Netherlands is a melting pot of many different cultures;
– It’s not expensive to shoot films here, relatively speaking;
– The technical possibilities are extensive. Think of the use of motion control, a Russian arm or a drone.

Want to know more about us and how we can service your production in The Netherlands? Contact us by email, phone, video call or use whatever kind of communication tool our digital lives provide us nowadays! Let’s collaborate, co-create and be creative together. 

Service production in the midst of COVID-19

Right now it’s possible to shoot commercials, photographs, branded content, short films, documentaries and feature films in The Netherlands (in fact, we’ve done it already). We strictly follow the latest COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Dutch government & RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and have found ourselves able to create beautiful things while doing so. Except for too much intimacy actors are now allowed to interact directly for the duration of the shoot, for example.

And yes, hazazaH can help you with all of that – we will safely take care of YOU, service your production and make sure you will fully enjoy our tolerant, cozy, internationally focused, versatile little country both professionally as well as personally. Or as we say: we are what we make and we love what we do!

Stay safe! With love, hazazaH