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All you need is me - Wim van der Aar



The young and talented painter Aad Donker is a rising star in the early ‘90’s, together with his brothers Gijs and Justus, who share his passion for painting. As part of the After Nature collective they make name for themselves in New York. When Gijs and Justus return to The Netherlands, Aad decides to stay in New York with his great love Amy.

When Aad and Amy break up, his life takes a turn downhill and things escalate quickly. Delusions and fears dominate him and he loses his grip on reality. At 31- years of age he commits suicide.

Filmmaker Wim van der Aar ( The Van Waveren Tapes ) takes the viewer on a journey through Leiden, Amsterdam , New York and Suriname , with unique archive material interspersed with interviews with the Donker brothers , Amy and After Nature founder Peter Klashorst.


All you need is me
Piotr Kukla & Jasper Wolf
Daan Wierda
Maarten Kuit & Jeroen van den Idsert
Arne Toonen & Yani
Line Producer
Constant van Panhuys
Sound Design
Kees Kroot