Amsterdams Kleinkunstfestival - HazazaH

Amsterdams Kleinkunstfestival - Benning & Gladkova

Benning & Gladkova

Arjan Benning has been with us for a while, but now he’s officially teaming up with ‘his’ Polina Gladkova – both Arjan and Polina are muse and image maker.

‘As an individual you are “just” a singer-songwriter, together you’re a symphony orchestra. You can endlessly bounce ideas off each other, which creates more depth, more richness and pleasure. Besides, almost every farm is run by a couple; it’s nature, it’s life.

‘We combine different styles – also fashion and documentary photography, outside or in the studio – if necessary. And we search for and play with uncomfortable situations, let’s call it the unexpected, because it adds something… well, unexpected and therefore new. It does something to the viewer.

In any case, every story is unique for us. We try to visualize it as well, wide and wholly as humanely possible.’