Chellina - HazazaH

Chellina - Zoeteke Lugthart



As a little girl, Chellina was quiet and got bullied a lot. Her first time in the ring changed all of that, and made her realize: this is where I belong. Despite kickboxing being extreme, Chellina feels no fear or pain and wins one title after another. Fighting has become her outlet, and a domain of her own. Now she rules the ring and is focused on just one thing as soon as she enters: winning. She is now 15 and a European Champion.

Her success howerver, comes at a price. None of the other girls in her age category want to fight her because of how strong she is, yet she is too young to become a pro. Without fighting, her life feels empty. Her drive to keep going grows stronger and becomes essential. She has her eyes set on fighting in the 16+ category so she can become a pro. But will she make it?

Diederik Evers & Reinout Steenhuizen
Flip van der Kuil
Maarten Kuit & Jeroen van den Idsert
Jolanda Drion (AVRO TROS)
Line Producer
Charlotte Sarneel
Sound Design
Nardi van Dijk