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Comment of Men - Rob Lücker



In this tragicomic fairytale we join Andrej (80), Pico (6) and their pack mule on their journey. Along the way they try to make the right choices but are repeatedly confronted with the grousing people along the road. Will Andrej and Pico manage to push on, nevertheless?

Rob Lücker
Robbie van Brussel
Maarten Kuit
Line Producer
Sam Godfried

Rob Lücker

Where director Rob Lücker’s fascination for film is coming from? Well, basically on obsessing over James Bond movies and Sergio Leone westerns, back in the days. Rob excellently masters all sides of the comedy genre: from comic, to dry comedy and from dark comedy to absurdism. He has a strong visual style and directed successful commercials for brands including Delta Lloyd, de Bijenkorf, ING Nederland, KLM, McDonalds and BEN. Actually not only commercials,he also directed a successful series called Rundfunk. And to top it off: Rob won two Golden Calfs, the grand prize of Dutch film, for Das Wad (Best Short 2014) and Seven Little Criminals (Best Series 2019).