The Art Dispute - In production - HazazaH

The Art Dispute – In production - Hans Pool

Hans Pool



A sacred mask, a diamond, parts of an old temple, a towering obelisk. Objects like these can be admired in museums all over the world. But currently the provenance and ownership of these objects is under discussion. During wartime, revolutions and colonialism they were bought,acquired diplomatically or even taken as loot.

In this eight-part television series, every episode is centred around an appealing art object. We travel to the country of origin to talk to art historians, museum curators and directors, visit former colonies and meet experts and stakeholders to gain insight on this complex issue. What should museums do or not do about disputed objects? Where do treasures from the past rightly belong, and why?


Koos de Wilt and Hanna van Niekerk
Production Company
Hazazah Pictures
Maarten Kuit
Line Producer
Margreet Ploegmakers en Nienke Rispens
Maarten Kuit and Martine Gosselink