Kendis - HazazaH

Kendis - Bibi Fadlalla



Lavanya Raghoenandan practices at the turntables for two hours a day after school—now just 15, she’s been deejaying since she was nine. As DJ Kendis she plays major festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium, always the youngest in the line-up, under the watchful eye of her equally ambitious father. We see them on their way to the Solar Festival, where she’s to play her first primetime slot with an MC. What’s more, she has an extra hurdle to overcome: when she was 11, she was knocked off her bike by a bus, and she now suffers from constant pain in her arm, knee, back, shoulders and neck. But Lavanya doesn’t think of giving up. Right after the accident, she didn’t even dare to play outside anymore, so she spent even more time on her music. She forces herself to carry on, despite the nerves before a gig and the pain afterwards. Lavanya has her sights set on something far more important: a place in the Top 100 DJs.

This film was made with the support of IDFA, Cinekid and in collaboration with AVROTROS

Gijs Wilbers
Fatih Tura
Maarten Kuit
Production Manager
Ilse van Gelder
Erik van den Heuvel
Motion Graphics
Bob Mayata