Rebels - HazazaH

Rebels - Kari Anne Moe


Jan Olav (24) has dyslexia and spent his years in school fighting with the teachers. Kelly (19) was bullied and Maylen (24) has ADHD. Jakob (25) loves drinking more than schoolwork. They are selected to a training course that is set to get them back on track. Jan Olav is the main-character. His story shows us how hard it can be to change how you look upon yourself, and grab a life-changing opportunity. If everyone expects you to cause trouble, the result might be just that. There is no quick fix of Jan Olavs challenges, but he shows us how the world never is just black or just white. And how his experiences are valuable for other young people who have been let down by grown ups who should have been there to catch them when things started to get wrong. European statistics show that in the EU, one in six people aged 18-24 drop out before completing high school. In Scandinavia the numbers are even worse, in Norway one in three drop out. On their way into an existence without a job, living on welfare, a group of dropouts gets a chance to turn their lives around.

Co-production: Hazazah Pictures

“If anyone wants to change me – the way I am,
the way I want to be and have been since I was
little….. I might as well just leave right now.”

Jan Olav