Rico & Indy - HazazaH

Rico & Indy - Nirit Peled



The documentary Rico & Indy follows Rico from age 14 to age 16, as he’s training his dog Indy and tries to get her certified as a police dog. Rico lives with his mother and they live on a tight budget. It would be very welcome if they’re able to sell Indy to the police for a big amount of money. However, Rico has developed a strong bond with his dog and struggles with the question whether he should sell her or not. Meanwhile, Rico himself is growing older and starting to make plans his future. Whatever happens, Indy will always be his dog.

Stephan Polman
Albert Markus jr.
Maarten Kuit
Production Manager
Charlotte Sarneel/ Ilse van Gelder/ Sam Godfried
Joppo @de Grot
Sound Design
Huibert Boon