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Lebara DC - Jacobine van Hellemond



Anything is possible if you don’t let the opinions of others get in your way

Our new director Jacobine van Hellemond shot this awesome and energetic spot for telecom provider Lebara. For weeks Mooi Weer and Jacobine scouted the streets for perfect faces and perfect talent.

Challenged by a tight schedule they decided to shoot the commercial in the heart of Amsterdam: the red light district. Producer Roosenstein: ‘We managed to find these beautiful hidden gems justaround the corner of our office. It was wonderful. I never knew these beautiful places existed right under our noses.


Jacobine van Hellemond

After completing a master’s degree in history at the University of Amsterdam, Jacobine went on to study photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague. There, she discovered that moving images, film, was actually her preferred method to observe and share stories of human interaction.

She is known for her ability to make scripted situations with actors appear real. In her work you will find a variety of fleeting moments of intimacy between people. She always manages to capture the instant in which someone drops their mask and has a spontaneous reaction. What makes her films unique is this genuine vulnerability that shines through in the shots.