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McDonalds – CBO - Jeroen Mol

Jeroen Mol

Jeroen has worked on a variety of commercials, both national and international. After spending quite some time working internationally, Jeroen is now focussing on the Dutch market again. 

Over the course of his successful career he has won many awards. Recently he has won a prestigious gold ‘Lion’ award for Batman, the film he directed for War Child. This film has made him realize how rewarding it is to work for such a good cause. We can only support this sentiment. In the past, he has done work for Tesla, KLM, EA Games and McDonalds. 

Other highlights of Jeroen’s career include his short film Cheap Ludes, that was selected at the famous Sundance Film Festival. Or maybe you have heard of the commercial Karate-Kid, the commercial for the ‘Fifa Street’ game that went viral, or the ad for an all-time favorite chocolate bar, KitKat. He is a real allrounder!

His work is very distinctive and marked by surrealism and his dynamic humor. This, combined with his passionate desire to deliver the best work possible and other skills such as doing animation, makes him an outstanding director and asset to the Hazazah team. 

Insiders describe him as “loyal and generous, “an expert in his field” and “stubborn yet determined”. Jeroen knows what he wants and how to get it.