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Jeroen Hofman

Jeroen Hofman is known for his signature photographs where he, quite literally, distances himself from his subject(s) and works from atop a cherry picker. He also portrayed international stars like Rolling stones Guitarist Ronnie Wood and Boris Becker.

Jeroen is leading a pretty bucket list-oriented lifestyle and he has done things most of us only dream of. From photographing Kevin Richardson and his lions at the Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa to flying with a jet fighter in the Mojave Desert (California) for Heineken.

Jeroen has a particular method: working from up high, standing on an elevated platform. Seen from a bird’s eye view, the architecture of the parks, or the vastness and tranquility of the islands, become clearly visible. It’s a height at which you can no longer understand what the people below are saying and the birds above you are just out of reach. He likes to combine his free work with his commercial work, in the same signature and he finds collaboration in circumstances a fun challenge, such as working with a director and crew on a film set.