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Imagine.. shooting a commercial across five continents in a timespan of two weeks. That’s what we did for Rabobank’s international ‘Kickstart Food’ programme. We travelled the world and portrayted the most fascinating and characteristic people. From the favelas in South America to the endless African plains: it was all immensely epic.

Rabobank’s goal is to speed up the transition towards more sustainable farming in all corners of the globe, which we obviously endorse.

Havas Lemz
Agency Producer
Marga Bierema
Govert Janse
Production Company
Hazazah Film & Photography
Jeroen van den Idsert
Production Manager
Emilie Kasteleijn
Post Production Company
Sound Design
amp. amsterdam
Krijn van Noordwijk
Obeth Pattipeilohy & Chester de Vries

Krijn van Noordwijk

Krijn van Noordwijk is a photographer and a director with a background as a creative director. As a photographer, his portraits are instantly recognizable through his distinctive signature style. As a director, Krijn was awarded a Gouden Loekie (Gold Lion, ‘best commercial of the year’) award with a touching commercial for the Dutch Social Party. Krijn is best described as a walking creative lab. He is an experienced and well-awarded creative and a member of the Art Directors Club ‘Hall of Fame’. Krijn still loves smaller jobs, like his single portraits, but the more challenging productions as well, like his Rabobank shoot (over 5 continents within 3 weeks). Krijn likes to work alongside your creative team towards the best campaign solutions possible. Be it in film or photography, or both.

Krijn has worked with most major agencies for clients such as Nike, Heineken, Rabobank, G-Star RAW, ING, NPO, Achmea, Campina, Ministry of Health and many, many more.