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Private: Nanno Jiskoot

Born in Malawi, moved back to the Netherlands as a toddler. From an early age he started making music and paintings, writing poems and stories. After his masters in Psychology, he dedicated himself to becoming a filmmaker. We’re talking about award-winning director Nanno Jiskoot who’s work is best described as authentic, captivating and vivacious.
As a film director, Nanno is leaving his artistic fingerprint on his projects, from conception to completion. He has a strong preference for films with an underlying message; a story that provokes emotions, because it is exactly emotion that reminds us that we’re alive.
“I love to bring people into another world or mindset. That’s why I prefer to not make things too explicit, this will give people the space to get ‘lost’ in the story.”
Those who know Nanno also describe him as a loving and devoted father who’s always showing a genuine interest in those around him.