Unité - Trailer - HazazaH

Unité – Trailer - Private: David-Jan Bronsgeest




2005, Paris is on fire, at least the balieu. Four police recruits are stuck in an ME bus that tries to drive out of the neighborhood as quickly as possible. The tensions in the street are increasing, but also between the newbees, specially scouted for a reintegration program, among themselves. Why are they chosen for this mission? They wonder whether their identity and origin protects them in case of an ambush – or is there a threat of loyalty?




Jeroen Kiers
Art Director
Lois van Galen Last
Emiel Nunninga
Production Company
Hazazah Film & Photography
Jeroen van den Idsert & Tim Koomen
Production Manager
Cecile Neeteson
Laurens Orij
Sound Design
Michel Schöpping
René Thie
Titel Design
Paul Postma

Private: David-Jan Bronsgeest

Director David-Jan Bronsgeest (1986) already has an impressive and diverse set of documentaries, short films and commercials to his name. After making a deal with Paramount, he now travels up and down to Los Angeles to work on his horror feature film Meet Jimmy.  Moreover, he was given carte blanche by cinema card company Cineville and was invited to direct his dream scène. Thus, David-Jan directed Sexorcism, a Horno (horror/porno) film about a devil-possessed porn star; a metaphor for the trauma recovery of porn stars dealing with depression.

Previously, David-Jan traveled to the suburbs of Paris to shoot Unité: a gripping short story about a Moroccan boy who, after being recruited as a police officer, is confronted with his old friends. In the meantime David-Jan found the time to add two strong commercials for Tele2 and the Dutch Army to his oeuvre.

His aim is to create striking yet sensitive content, telling stories that shout from the heart.