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Hertog Jan – Grand Prestige - Bram van Alphen



Bram van Alphen could hardly suppress his enthusiasm for this commercial for the new Grand Prestige for Hertog Jan and advertising agency The Valley. The director, who himself was born and raised near Arcen (the place where Hertog Jan beer is brewed), combined his two passions for this film.

Grand Prestige
Robbie van Brussel

Bram van Alphen

Bram van alphen (1975) was born and raised in the southern part of the Dutch mountains. As a little boy, Bram looked a bit hazy at the world. Wandering around, he tried to take in life through his other senses. A sixth sense, his gut, grew into a strong feature. Once they discovered he needed (terrible) glasses, the sky opened up and he now sees crystal clear. Yet he still relies heavily on his small beer belly.

After graduating from design school, he went directly to the school of the arts to study Media Design. After years of designing and crafting, the beauty of film and photography finally conquered his attention. After graduating with a Master of Arts, he joined the production house of director Thed Lenssen. Starting out as a young padawan trainee who would soon become a commercial director himself, he listened carefully to Yoda’s wise words. To this day, Thed’s lessons still echo in his mind.

Bram’s signature is rooted in his design background, yet his love for visual, cinematic language, and an accurate observation of human life became the stronger hand. Advertisements like Nph or Nederlandse Armed Forces prove his ability to capture pure realism by adding a surreal poetic note. It is therefore not surprising that both won awards at the ADCN, which resulted in him being awarded Best Director in 2019. Summer 2021, he was awarded Best Director at the ADCN for the music video for the band Haevn.