Echoes of IS - Trailer - HazazaH

Echoes of IS – Trailer - Tessa Louise Pope



Echoes of IS is a web documentary that consists of twelve captivating stories by people who have all been affected by Islamic State. These are people from very different backgrounds; Dutch people and refugees, parents, children, ex-fighters and their relatives. People who bare their souls and share their life-changing experiences with the world for (often) the first time.

Tessa Louise Pope

Being the daughter of a psychologist and a filmmaker, Tessa found the ultimate combination in the profession of a documentary filmmaker. She studied Documentary Directing at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. Her award-winning graduation project “The Origin of Trouble” is now travelling worldwide to various film festivals.
Her analytical, psychological way of thinking helps her to portray her often-colorful characters. With her human approach she’s able to capture honest, authentic stories that visualize the true inner beauty of her characters. Adding a touch of humor and being able to ask the right questions Tessa’s work is best described as sharing small stories in a big way. Besides developing new documentary film projects and series, Tessa is also working on branded content and commercials.