Trailer Overtijd - HazazaH

Trailer Overtijd - Tessa Louise Pope


Guilt, doubt, sadness and shame are all common emotions for young women who have an abortion. In this film, women share their diverse experiences and break the taboo around abortion.

‘Overtijd’ tells the story of three young women between 25 and 35 years old. All of them have ended a pregnancy and talk about the process they went through.  In this interview film we sympathize with brave young women, while details of their stories are depicted in a powerful, simple and intimate way.

Tessa Louise Pope

Being the daughter of a psychologist and a filmmaker, Tessa found the ultimate combination in the profession of a documentary filmmaker. She studied Documentary Directing at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. Her award-winning graduation project “The Origin of Trouble” is now travelling worldwide to various film festivals.
Her analytical, psychological way of thinking helps her to portray her often-colorful characters. With her human approach she’s able to capture honest, authentic stories that visualize the true inner beauty of her characters. Adding a touch of humor and being able to ask the right questions Tessa’s work is best described as sharing small stories in a big way. Besides developing new documentary film projects and series, Tessa is also working on branded content and commercials.