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Wij zijn 18 - Tomas Kaan


We Are 18 is a film about a group of boys aged 18 that meet in a secluded country house outside the Netherlands. Their stories about friendship, girls, drugs, parents, sex and aggression are interspersed with scenes of a wild night they spend together in the same place, resulting in a hybrid form of fiction and documentary.

Tomas Kaan

Tomas Kaan studied history in Amsterdam and Berlin before embarking upon filmmaking. His work is characterized by an outspoken visual style that walks the line between documentary and fiction. To him, filmmaking is a way to preserve the time we live in, not unlike the preservation of things in a laboratory. He has a soft spot for experimental films and his all time favourite book is J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. His films have been shown at film festivals all over the world and have won multiple awards.