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Fysio – a totally touching and uplifting Vodafone message

In this deeply human film by director Tomas Kaan, a physiotherapist teaches a man to walk again, with the use of an Exoskeleton; a state-of-the-art, online-connected “armor”. A taxing process; you see her getting up too early, jump on a bike and together with the man, fight the fight for muscle strength in a swimming pool. Vodafone is the brand behind it. The powerfulness of the Internet of Things is the message.

Producer Marty Keizer: “When you are shooting documentary style and are working with “real people”, but you still want to make it look corporate level tight, you need a crew that works like a well-oiled machine. And that’s what the client said too, ‘Seldomly seen such professional collaboration.’ That’sreally great to hear.” It was the humanaspect of the story that especially touched and inspireddirector Tomas Kaan, and in particular the commitment and stamina of the man learning to walk again.

Kaan: “He is a war veteran, and a really great guy, without whose perseverance the film could not have been made.A privilege to work with.”


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